Image: Wastewater treatment facility. Image courtesy of De.mem. 

An Australian-Singaporean water and wastewater treatment solutions company has acquired a seals and pump business in Victoria, expanding the range of products and services available.

Stevco Seals & Pumps Victoria has been acquired by De.mem, and all business operations will continue under the new company name, De.mem-Stevco.

Steve Russell and James Blannin, of Stevco, will retain their executive director roles and join the De.mem senior management team. 

With the transaction, David Rae, the existing regional manager of De.mem group for Victoria and South Australia, is becoming a director of the entity.

De.mem Limited is an Australian headquartered, ASX-listed decentralised water and wastewater treatment business. De.mem serves a long-term client base from the mining, food and beverage, agricultural, municipal, and heavy industrial segments.

Through workshops in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Launceston, De.mem has the ability to serve its clients nationwide in Australia. 

The company employs a total of 58 staff in Australia plus another 22 overseas. International locations are in Singapore and Velbert, Germany.

It is commercialising an array of innovative proprietary technologies from its research and development partner, Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore, a world leader in membrane and water research.  

Technologies uniquely offered by De.mem include a revolutionary low-pressure hollow fibre nanofiltration membrane that uses less electricity and is cheaper to operate than conventional systems, as well as anew Forward Osmosis membrane deployed in dewatering applications or the concentration of liquids

Besides the supply of pumps and related services, the group offers a wide range of advanced products, services and solutions for industrial water and waste water treatment applications:

  • Water and wastewater treatment equipment including
    • Membrane based water treatment plants
    • Industrial wastewater treatment plants customised to the specific requirements of a client
    • Sewage treatment plants
    • Chemical dosing systems
  • The operations and maintenance of all of the above, with the scope of services tailored according to the requirements of the customer
  • Specialty chemicals for water treatment and industrial processes, such as:
    • Scale and corrosion inhibitors
    • Cooling tower water treatment chemicals
    • Process additives such as defoamers, dewatering aids, cleaning aids, emulsifiers
    • Bespoke chemicals to customer requirement
  • All common water and wastewater treatment components and consumables, including Ultrafiltration membranes manufactured at De.mem’s factory in Singapore.

De.mem’s products meet highest quality standards. The company’s equipment is assembled and its specialty chemicals offering blended at the relevant facilities in Brisbane and Perth, Australia.

With the extended product offering and capability range as described above, De.mem-Stevco will continue operations out of our workshop in Epping, Victoria, backed up with support from De.mem’s national and international locations.

Image: Wastewater treatment facility. Image courtesy of De.mem. 

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