Water Equipment Plus (WEPlus) is a new company on the Australian water scene with an extensive range of branded equipment available ex stock from its Melbourne facility. Built around ‘just in time’ thinking, WEPlus stocks critical components to allow rapid building of water treatment plants or alternatively complete water purification package plants for their original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers. All components are sourced from well trusted international brands like GE, Pentair, FIP, AqSEP, SWAN and many others.

In terms of pumping WEPlus is the exclusive Australian distributor for FEDCO Pumps of the USA who specialise in pumps and energy recovery devices for reverse osmosis applications. The range includes single and multistage centrifugal pumps and energy recovery turbines.  Fedco designs include their patented water bearing technology which not only removes the requirement for lubricating oils and greases, but also cools the bearings and absorbs the entire axial thrust so that there is no load on the motor bearings. Fedco use computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to customise the hydraulic components of each unit (impeller vane geometry, diffuser vanes, turbine volute and nozzle) and to maximise pump efficiency. These designs are used to generate ready-to-run CNC programs using no other input than the customer’s duty point. From entering the duty point to the start of manufacturing a customised pump can take less than 30 minutes.

A recent addition to WE Plus are the FIP range of plastic valves which have many applications in pumping systems.  These high quality valves, manufactured in Italy, are available in PVC, PVDF and PP.  Valves types available include ball, butterfly, check valves and pressure relief valves as well as accessories such as sediment strainers, variable area flowmeters and all types of plastic pipe fittings.

The pump industry is often asked to help solve their client’s water treatment issues as well. WEPlus can assist by providing simple water treatment packages to pump and other specialist companies to enable them to meet their customer’s water treatment needs.  WEPlus stocks a range of brackish water and seawater desalinators (reverse osmosis type) from 4 to 2,500 kL/day capacity. These can be teamed with a number of different pre filtration packages.

The Aqualine cartridge filter system is one new product that looks tailor made to provide high volume micron rated filtration for the industry. With up to 32 m3/hr flow capacity per module and filtration from 20 down to 1 micron the Aqualine is simple and effective solution for removing suspended solids from a variety of pumping applications.

The new UFPlus is a great product for removing turbidity from dirty water such as rivers and dams. With filtration down to 0.1 micron it can also remove bacteria and a significant amount of virus. The UFPlus allows the ultrafiltration of water on a small scale at affordable prices.

Water Equipment Plus continues to scour the globe for innovative and high quality water treatment and associated equipment that it can bring home, making global products more accessible and affordable for the Australian market.


Robert Suntovkski of Water Equipment Plus demonstrates the tool-less changeover of the cartridge filtration element of the new Pentair Aqualine filtration system.


Diagram of the water bearing on a FEDCO MSD high pressure pump.



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