Water has begun flowing through the centre pivot irrigator at the Mowanjum West Kimberley pastoral station, as part of the Water for Food Mowanjum irrigation trial.

The successful installation and testing of the centre pivot was a defining moment for the $3.6 million project that will access underutilised groundwater sources to provide stand and graze feed for cattle, and is also serving as a demonstration model for other Aboriginal pastoral stations.

Water Minister, Mia Davies, said the important milestone was the latest development in the groundbreaking project that would benefit not only Mowanjum itself, but also the broader community through the creation of meaningful employment and training opportunities.

“It is extremely exciting to now have the irrigator installed and water flowing. It is a tremendous moment for the Mowanjum community,” Ms Davies said.

“This water will be the lifeblood of the community and place it in a position to become an important player in the Kimberley beef industry.

“With seeding now under way, cattle should be able to start grazing the irrigated pasture in about five weeks’ time.”

Regional Development Minister, Terry Redman, said the Mowanjum irrigation trial was just one of 11 projects under the $40 million Royalties for Regions-funded Water for Food program that would assist commercial growth and development for regional areas.

“I am pleased to see Royalties for Regions is investing in agricultural development and diversification opportunities to increase economic stability and create sustainable regional communities,” Mr Redman said.

A field day is being planned to showcase the Mowanjum irrigation trial.

Fact file

  • Water for Food is a key component of the State Government’s $300 million Seizing the Opportunity in Agriculture initiative
  • $3.6 million for stand-and-graze irrigation trials at Mowanjum station

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