Water Sales are now open for Tasmania’s Greater South East Irrigation Scheme; supporting a capacity of up to 38,000ML, it is the largest irrigation project ever delivered by the state.

Landowners can now contractually apply for water entitlements, enabling existing irrigators to request additional water and other landowners to submit an application for Tasmanian Irrigation water for the first time.

The project is jointly funded by a $4.7 million contribution from the Federal Government’s National Water Grid Fund and $1.5 million from the Tasmanian Government.

The Greater South East Irrigation Scheme will incorporate the existing South East Stages One, Two and Three Irrigation Schemes.  

If the project proceeds, high-surety irrigation water will be delivered to landowners around Gretna, Jordan River Valley, Kempton, Brighton, Cambridge, Richmond, Tea Tree, Colebrook, Campania, Sorell, Forcett, and Pawleena.

Tasmania’s Minister for Primary Industries and Water, Jo Palmer, said the Government has worked cooperatively with local growers in developing the scheme.

“Tasmanian Irrigation has worked extensively and cooperatively with farmers in the area to determine an alternate water source to replace the current potable TasWater supply,” Ms Palmer said.

“As competing pressures for treated water increases, the new source of irrigation water from Lake Meadowbank is expected to be widely welcomed by landowners.”

The Tasmanian Government encourages landowners to apply for water entitlements before Water Sales close at 2pm on 23 December 2022. 

Application forms and additional information can be downloaded here.

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