The Deputy Prime Minister and the Member for New England, Barnaby Joyce, has met with representatives from the Liverpool Plains Shire Council (NSW) to discuss the progress of the council’s proposed regional water supply strategy.

The Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC) said it had already constructed some components of the strategy including the completion of the Willow Tree’s pipeline, pump station and reservoir, the Quipolly Dam safety upgrade and increased storage works, and Quirindi five megalitre reservoir.

LPSC said the development of the strategy has now progressed to “shovel ready” status and is ready for investment.

Mr Joyce met with Liverpool Plains Shire Mayor Andrew Hope, General Manager Ron Van Katwyk, Water Services Manager Rod Batterham and Acting Director of Environmental and Economic Development Services Donna Ausling.

While some components of the strategy are complete, there are still other challenges to overcome including the current delivery main from Quipolly Dam, which is more than 100 years old and has to be operated at low pumping rates to prevent breakage, which in turn limits delivery performance.

Mr Joyce said, “I’ve been working closely with Council on the LPSC Regional Water Supply Strategy and it’s fantastic to be able to welcome the Liverpool Plains Shire Council delegation to Canberra to discuss possible funding opportunities for this important regional project.”

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