Two water projects in Capel, Western Australia, have been completed, the State Government has announced.

Two new bores have been installed by the Water Corporation for the town and connected to the water supply in a $3.69 million project. The project also includes a minor upgrade to the water treatment plant on site. The existing bores were around 45 years old and replaced due to their age.

Western Australian Water Minister, Dave Kelly, said that the upgrades would secure Capel’s water supply.

“Replacing the old bores in Capel will ensure the town continues to have a secure water supply, and the increased capacity of the new bores will help meet times of peak demand.”

The new bores can supply up to three million litres of water a day to the residents and businesses in Capel, which is nearly double the capacity of the original bores.

Around 50 West Australian workers were employed as part of this project, including 15 local sub-contractors.

This project is part of the State Government’s planned $59.8 million water and wastewater infrastructure spend in the south west region in 2018-19.

Capel residents have also enthusiastically participated in the Water Corporation’s recently completed Waterwise Towns Program.

“I congratulate the residents of Capel for also playing their part in securing their water supply by participating in the Waterwise Towns Program, which will result in significant, long- term water savings in the town,” Mr Kelly said.

“The willingness of residents to take part in the program shows an appreciation of how crucial it is to save water when climate change continues to impact the south west of Western Australia.”

The Water Corporation has been working with residents through a series of personalised letters with water saving tips and free waterwise product offers.

As a result of the program, 220 free plumbing repair and retrofit services have been delivered, including the replacement of 41 old inefficient single flush toilets with water efficient dual flush models; 64 water efficient showerheads; and fixing or replacing almost 600 leaking taps.

An additional 80 free showerheads were exchanged through the Capel Library, each with the potential to save residents up to 20,000 litres of water each year.

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