WaterNSW has advised some customers to monitor their pumping infrastructure, particularly water intakes and suction lines, due to fluctuating water levels in the Lachlan River.

Changing releases from Wyangala Dam and Lake Brewster are causing river levels and flow rates in the Lachlan river to decrease, while areas between Wyangala Dam and Cowra may experience fluctuations of up to 0.3m.

The reduction of overall flows from Lake Brewster and Wyangala Dam is a consequence of lower demand following completion of summer watering.

WaterNSW Executive Manager Systems Operation Adrian Langdon said, “With conditions predicted to remain dry, WaterNSW is managing river operations to minimise losses within river systems and to ensure that future water availability is as high as possible.

“Fluctuations to river levels between the Dam and Cowra will be due to a program of varied release rates dam designed to assist Cowra Shire in maintaining town waters supply.

“While delivery of remaining available water will continue, river levels and flow rates may be lower than customers have experienced in recent months and customers are advised to monitor pumping infrastructure, particularly water intakes and suction lines.

“Land holders with livestock along the river are also reminded to be mindful that the low flows may result in the river level no longer preventing livestock from crossing the river.”

Due to the lower flow rates, travel times from storages to individual pumps may also be increased. Customers are asked to provide as much lead time as possible when placing orders to ensure that deliveries are received on time.

It is unlikely that the annual stock and domestic replenishment flows would be delivered to the lower Lachlan effluent creeks in the autumn/winter as these systems were under flood conditions until mid-December to early January 2017.

However, any surplus flows arising from tributaries downstream of the dam after filling the lakes may be used to top up the stock and domestic supplies in these systems.
WaterNSW will continue to monitor water resources and weather conditions and adjust planned delivery patterns in response to changes in conditions as required.

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