The new W12 electric motor from WEG is designed for use in higher performance industrial applications whilst offering versatility and efficiency.

Featuring high-strength industrial polymer flanges, feet, cover and junction box, and an unmachined aluminium housing, the motor has the lowest weight for robust applications, such as pumps and gearboxes.

The aluminium frame of the WEG W12 motor is designed to optimise the heat exchange and provide mechanical strength to meet the most critical applications. The frame also has guides to ensure the accuracy and rigidity of the assembly after mounting the feet or flanges.

Being an extremely versatile piece of equipment, its interchangeable feet meet all the relevant IEC standards. Currently available in frames 56, 63 and 71 housings, the W12 motor also allows the option of using the connection box on the side or at the top, all in the same product.

The variations are made by the quick fit system of the feet in the frames (snap fit), dimensioned not to use fixing screws, and also in the flange options C-90, C-105 and FF115 in polymer, and C-80 in aluminium, incorporated in the motor frame.

The W12 motor is totally enclosed and fan cooled, incorporating a click-on fan cover which guarantees high mechanical rigidity and high impact absorption capacity. These components comply with the IK08 impact index, according to EN 62262, which guarantees use in more severe applications.

This motor features an IP55 degree of protection (waterproof and dustproof), which allows use in the most diverse environments. W12 motors have a drainage system to prevent accumulation of condensed water and the entry of unwanted substances into the motor, preventing corrosion or damage to internal components.

This makes it the perfect solution for pump applications. In addition, the W12 has versions in 2, 4 and 6 poles, from 0.09 up to 0.55kW, three-phase or single-phase power and IE3 performance index.

With the evolving W12 range, WEG will be releasing frames 80 to 100 (up to 3kW) later this year, incorporating all the same benefits as this newly released motor designed specifically for industrial applications.

A notable entry in the manufacture of high efficiency motors, innovative solutions and in the technological development of the industry, the W12 is yet another versatile and efficient solution with the guarantee and reliability that comes standard with a WEG product. W12, the motor designed for your business.

To learn more, call WEG Australia on +61 3 9765 4600 or email

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