Wentworth Shire Council is undertaking works at the Wentworth Showgrounds to replace multiple septic systems with gravity and pressure sewerage networks, including a new sewer pump station.

The works, which will cater for increased use of the facility, are supported by the Crown Reserve Improvement Fund’s Showgrounds Stimulus Program. 

These works include:

  • Installation of a gravity sewer system
  • Installation of a central sewer pump station to connect to the existing rising main
  • Decommissioning of old septic tank systems throughout the Showgrounds and connecting plumbing to the network

Council engaged the services of MH2 Engineering & Architectural Services for the design, with works undertaken by Waters Excavations Pty Ltd.

Construction commenced on 16 November 2021 and is well underway with just over 100 metres of pipe and five Ezipits installed so far.

The project concludes in early February 2022 with the installation of the electrical switchboard, testing and commissioning.

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