The $116.3 million Western Irrigation Network project is one step closer to delivering recycled water to farmland, with the completion of a new storage dam at the Melton Recycled Water Plant.

The new 1.1 gigalitre storage dam is part of the Western Irrigation Network project which will be used to irrigate farmland from early 2023, and involves the construction of approximately 59km of pipeline, 2.1GL of combined water storages, and three high-capacity pump stations.

The $116.3 million Western Irrigation Network project is jointly funded by the State ($65.6 million) and Federal ($48.1 million) Governments, and other partners ($2.6 million), delivered in partnership with Greater Western Water and local farmers.

Combined with existing storages, the dam will be part of a network capable of supplying 18.3GL of recycled water a year by 2050.

With access to a new water supply, the local farming community will be able to expand agricultural production, generating local jobs and growth in Victoria’s agriculture sector.

The Western Irrigation Network is delivering more than 50km of pipeline to bring recycled water to the region, transforming it from dryland farming to a thriving agricultural precinct.

Other works underway include the construction of infrastructure to connect existing recycled water supplies between the Melton and Bacchus Marsh plants to feed into the network.

Minister for Water, Lisa Neville, said, “The Western Irrigation Network will provide local farmers with access to a reliable, year-round supply of recycled water, helping develop the food district within an hour’s drive of Melbourne.”

This project will allow the local community to sustainably manage increased amounts of wastewater.

Member for Melton, Steve McGhie, said, “Unreliable rainfall has been a significant issue for local farmers and this new recycled water supply will help them to grow the district’s economy.”

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