When it comes to choosing the right positive displacement pump for an application, efficient, reliable and trusted products are integral qualities to look for. Finding a manufacturer with established expertise and knowledge can make the process a lot easier, saving you time and money.

For Roto Pumps – a global manufacturer of positive displacement pumps – a strong foundation of experience; efficient, reliable and readily available stock; and cost-effective solutions have seen it become a global leader in the pump industry.

Celebrating 20 plus years in Australia

In 2001, Roto Pumps established a local branch in Australia with warehouse, assembly and marketing infrastructure to provide expertise in positive displacement pumping solutions to various industries across Australia. This followed on from the Roto Product being accessed in Australia via a distributor network for over several years prior to this.

This gave it a very good understanding of the Australian market when its office was established and knowing that, as with any market, success is driven by having a quality product, stock levels to meet the market requirements, good prices, technical support at all levels, and readily available spare parts, Roto Pumps started to see success.

Its initial strategy was to support local distributors, original equipment manufacturers, contractors and select end users in their endeavours to meet their varied process requirements, and 20 years later Roto Pumps still has very strong significant relationships with most of these early customers.

Understanding and supporting local requirements became more critical, and in order to provide localised expertise, this led it to establish Territory Managers in the states of Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland in 2006.

Considered investment in key personnel has allowed Roto Pumps the opportunity to consistently improve its level of customer support over the years which, when combined with its expansive market-proven product range, has seen continued growth of the company over the years.

This philosophy, focused on customer service, is not new to Roto Pumps Ltd; the company has been providing a high level of service worldwide for over 52 years and will continue to pursue the highest standards possible in order to meet ever-changing customer requirements.

A pioneer in manufacturing

Known for pioneering the manufacturing process of progressive cavity pumps in India in 1968, Roto Pumps has continued to grow into one of the most trusted global leaders in the field.

Today, the company supplies pumps to more than 10,000 customers across 50 countries and has installed over 250,000 pumps globally.

Throughout its five-decade journey, Roto Pumps has also established operations in the UK, South Africa, US, Germany and Malaysia thanks to its highly dedicated team and passion towards research and development of highly efficient positive displacement pumping solutions.

Now, with 20 years of experience in the Australian market, Roto Pumps has established itself as experts in application engineering i.e. understanding complex pumping requirements, handling critical media, and optimising pump lifecycle cost.

It is also credited with supplying customised pumps in different materials like Hastelloy, Super Duplex, Tungsten Carbide Coatings, and Double Hard Chrome Plating, etc. In addition to pumps, its stators are world-famous for their stringent quality.

Roto Pumps’ in-house captive elastomer manufacturing unit manufactures world-class quality stators conforming to international standards. To deliver quality stators, Roto Pumps procures raw material from certified vendors and has implemented strict process control and quality checks.

A leader of innovation

Roto Pumps is also a leader of innovation in pumping solutions. Some of its key innovations include: Roto KwikMaintenance in Place Pumps for quick maintenance of Roto Progressive Cavity Pumps without removing pipelines; the Tirrana Agriculture Progressive Cavity Pump range for agriculture and light industrial duties; and the upgraded Biomix and Biomass Progressive Cavity Pumps.

Roto Pumps believes in customer satisfaction and has a team of experienced application and sales engineers in Australia who completely take care of every customer’s concern, right from receiving the inquiry to providing prompt after sales support.

Roto Pumps Australia’s capabilities

• 20+ years of strong presence in Australia’s robust supply chain network

• Strong sales and service support team in Australia

• Readily available pumps and parts stocks

• Cost-effective and customised engineered packages

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