Perkins engines have been powering machinery used in the mining, construction, agriculture and utilities industries since 1932. With AllightSykes as the company’s Australian distributor since 2007, Perkins has a strong presence in mining operations down under.

With engine capacity ranging from 0.5 litres to 61 litres in electric power, Perkins offers one of the widest range from a single supplier, improving reliability and performance in harsh environments, such as mine sites.

Having recently expanded its industrial engine offering in Australia to 18 litres, as opposed to the previous range of 0.7 litres to 7.1 litres, Perkins has evolved to change the way mining operators power their businesses. The industrial engine range now has power ranging from 8.2kW all the way through to 597kW.

AllightSykes product line manager for engines, David Whincup, describes the updated engines as a “game changer” for the Australian industrial engine market, with many hours of testing put into guaranteeing the safety of the engines in conditions tougher than the average highway.

Whincup said the power of Perkins engines, backed up by the Australian reach of AllightSykes, is a winning combination for introducing engines that can withstand the harsh environments of mining operations.

“To complement this, AllightSykes have access to the full range of spare parts and are able to provide service throughout Australia with our network of branches and dealers” Whincup told Australian Mining.

“Offering both mechanical and fully electronic engines, build specification can be tailored for customers’ specific needs and applications.”

With this versatility, to change the engines for each individual industry and organisation within those industries, Perkins’ latest engines are flexible, high performing, fuel efficient and durable.

Perkins’ goal is to be a company with global reach but also local presence, which is why AllightSykes’ role in the Australian market is so important to the United Kingdom-headquartered company. 

AllightSykes’ role for Perkins in the Australian market is also in the space of installation and maintenance, with a team of engineers based across its branches to service the whole country’s maintenance and repair needs.

Perkins has also made monitoring its engines’ service and maintenance history easier and more convenient than ever, with the launch of the Perkins® My Engine App.

This allows operators a way to check the engine’s service and operating manuals, all from their mobile phone or tablet.

“With the Perkins My Engine App, you can simply enter the engine’s serial number into the app and have access to all of the service manuals for that engine,” Whincup explained.

“It’s a really handy tool to have, with a full service history and service reminders, operators can keep track of what needs replacing at the next service and send the information straight to their local dealer.”

With a full record of maintenance needs available in the pockets of operators, AllightSykes and Perkins are helping mine managers save on costs due to unplanned maintenance downtime, which can quickly add up to huge losses.

Perkins engines aren’t only helping mining operators save in the space of less unscheduled maintenance, but also with the cost of the engines themselves.

As Whincup explained, Perkins engines offer lower installation costs and fuel consumption to provide reduced engine operational costs across the lifetime of the machine.

“Specifically designed for the needs of off-highway machines, Perkins engines are supported by a global product support network to minimise downtime,” he said.

“Perkins has a service life commitment of 8-12 years following the last engine leaving the production line, depending on application, and will continue to offer parts for older engines if it is commercially viable.

“Components are predominantly from original suppliers or produced to original drawings, to ensure fit first time, quality and durability. All genuine Perkins parts have a minimum 12-month warranty.

“Apart from their outstanding durability and reliability, they have been designed to provide a lower cost installation and incorporate features to minimise servicing costs.

“In the unlikely event that you experience a problem, your local distributor will be able to provide all of the information you require, with the support of the Perkins helpdesk if necessary – who can liaise directly with the customer should the need arise,” Whincup concluded.

AllightSykes are proud to offer comprehensive local access and support to the complete range of Perkins Engines and Perkins genuine parts across Australia.

This Sponsored Editorial is brought to you by AllightSykes. For more information on Perkins Engines and Perkins genuine parts, contact AllightSykes at, [email protected] or 1300 255 444.

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