K­-One Fluid Power supply hydraulic pumps, motors, filters and valves for mobile and industrial applications, and design bespoke hydraulic power units (HPUs) and components.

K­-One is the official distributor in Australia and New Zealand for Kawasaki, AMCA, TDZ and Argo Hytos and has supplied over 4,000 K3VL axial piston pumps to a Queensland coal seam gas industry manufacturer in the past eight years.

Kawasaki K3VL Piston Pumps, in combination with K3X Piston Motors, have been the preferred option for CSG HPUs and drive heads.

As the HPUs are located in rural Australia, where the gas fields are isolated and hard to reach, it is difficult to respond quickly to emergency breakdowns. Regular servicing or repairs are not feasible, so pumps need to deliver consistent high performance without the need for frequent servicing.

Kawasaki K3VL pumps are specified with a higher flow rate and lower noise production than many competitor products. In terms of quality and reliability, the K3VL pump and the K3X motor perform to the most exacting expectations.

Operating 24/7 in remote arduous environments for over five years and 40,000 hours, the installations have not missed a beat.

K-­One is currently planning a proactive campaign to service these pumps with replacement or conditioned parts to ensure they will last another 40,000 hours in continuous service.

This reconditioning to “as new” condition will be achieved at a significantly lower cost than replacing the pumps with brand new products.

More recently K­-One have designed and introduced a direct mounted proportional control valve, along with an artificial load and bypass manifold.

This was done with the cooperation of K­-One’s proportional valve manufacturer AMCA in the Netherlands, providing a packaged solution to the benefit both the manufacturer and the end user.

K­-One has improved on the original system design by reducing the number of in­-line valves, reducing pressure drop through the pump-­mounted proportional flow control valves and saving on overall running costs by as much as 25 per cent.

The artificial load and bypass manifolds required also reduce the number of hoses and fittings, reducing leakage points and improving production procedures.

Other industries are not forgotten with the K3VL Pump as K­-One provide tailor­-made solutions utilising AMCA Proportional Control Valves and Argo Hytos Filters and monitoring equipment.

K­-One are very excited about the future with new products coming on­line and look forward to working within both proven and the developing Australian industries.

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