Every project is different and each has its own specific needs to achieve a successful outcome. Choosing the right submersible pump is an integral part of the process and end users need to compare the needs of the project with the abilities of the pump to ensure they choose the right product for their application. Here we take a look at four different types of submersible pump.

240 volt submersible sump pumps

Automatic or manually operated 240 volt sump pumps are widely available on the market. Automatically operated sump pumps have a float switch attached that will indicate a low water level and stop the pump once that level has been reached during pumping. With manually operated pumps the operator is responsible for running the pumps at appropriate levels.

Submersible vortex pumps

Vortex pumps (sometimes called impeller pumps) work by creating a vortex action which moves a clear liquid or suspension with centrifugal force to pump through the outlet. These types of pumps have a non-clogging design, however they can have a low efficiency. They also experience less wear in comparison to some other pumps and vibrate much less. 

Submersible cutter pumps

Cutter impellers are designed to handle solids like those found in raw sewage, wastewater and some heavy industrial waste. These types of pumps cut solids before they enter the pump thanks to large scissor-like vanes designed to grind solids, helping to avoid clogging in the system.

Submersible grinder pumps

Grinder pumps are designed for industrial applications that have a large percent of soft solids to be macerated, around 20 per cent. The circular grinding plate on a manufacturer’s grinder pump covers the whole circle which makes every turn of the shaft part of the grinding process. This increases the efficiency of the motor and the amount of solids able to be pumped. The grinding plate steel has been especially hardened to deal with different materials.

A high torque motor is used to prevent the pump from locking up when processing different types of solids.



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