Whitsunday Regional Council in partnership with contractors Abigroup are constructing Water Treatment Plants for Bowen and Proserpine.

The Bowen plant is being constructed on the Proserpine River downstream of the Peter Faust Dam with the water being treated before it is pumped to Bowen. The Proserpine plant is being constructed on the old pound site on Pound Yard Road, Proserpine.

The Bowen plant will be built with a 16.5 megalitre capacity and the Proserpine plant with a 14.5 megalitre capacity. The plants will remove the iron/manganese concentrations which historically have lead to the water discolouration issues. In the meantime, Council is constantly monitoring the raw water characteristics and responding to any consumer complaints relating to water quality.

Council’s objectives for the project are to:

(a) Deliver improved potable water quality for Whitsunday Regional Council townships

(b) Meet future potable water supply demands, and

(c) Enable long-term, sustainable regional development

Cannonvale/Airlie Beach and Collinsville are already serviced by Water Treatment Plants.

An expected commissioning date for both plants is mid 2013.

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