Equipment and machinery are subjected to many stringent regulations. But it’s vital to understand that any asset is only as good as one of the smallest elements in its make-up – the seals.

When it comes to drinking water compliance, this becomes an even greater concern. Worn mechanical seals are not only an inconvenience, but they can also create a potentially toxic situation should unwanted substances be allowed to seep into a water source. 

According to the World Health Organisation, there are around 485,000 global deaths* per year from diarrhoeal death caused by drinking contaminated water. Enter the solution that is NSF-rated mechanical seals.

The drive for certified water supplies

Gone are the days when it was simply enough to provide piped water to a facility or community. Today, the need for water supplies to be certified is becoming a necessity. As more areas of the world demand that this is the case, so too does the need for suppliers to adhere to NSF compliance. This is why it makes sense only to fit mechanical seals that make this guarantee.

The Chesterton NSF Certified seal solution

As global leader in seal solutions, Chesterton has addressed this by expanding the NSF 61 certification to all of its single cartridge seals. This also includes split seals. In the past, the company’s NSF products were limited to the Chesterton 442 with Silicon Carbide faces and the 155 Single Cartridge Seal.

Following key developments, the company has recently received NSF approval for all of its split seal and single cartridge range.

This strategic step has been made possible through targeted collaboration between a team of scientists, industry experts and key industry stakeholders. With most water treatment and distribution products throughout the western world requiring NSF compliance, users of Chesterton seals can be confident that they’re adhering to the regulations stipulated by multiple governmental agencies (including Australasia and North America).

The Chesterton certifiable seal configurations are:

  • 180, 155, 150, S10 (Seal Faces: CB/SSC EP, SSC/SSC EP) including variants
  • 442C, 442 (Seal Faces: CB/RSC EP, RSC/RSC EP) including variants

Committed to the integrity of the world’s drinking water supply

Sealing specialist, Chesterton, is renowned for its world-leading position in seals and rotating equipment. This is a strategic move towards ensuring drinking water’s ongoing safety for populations around the world.

The use of such seals, along with Chesterton’s NSF 61 Certified industrial coating, ARC S1PW, is a further step towards the safe supply of water for all.

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