SINCE 1962, pump equipment specialist Acromet has provided an extensive range of pumps, feeders and chlorinators to a diverse range of industries.
The only Australian company that manufactures its own range of metering pumps, Acromet produces state-of-the-art equipment for use in applications including: processing; potable water and waste water treatment; food production; pharmaceuticals; cooling towers and boiler treatment; plastics; mineral processes; and pulp and paper.
Catering for gas, liquid, dry bulk materials and packaged systems, Acromet’s highly precise product range includes metering pumps, dry material feeders, chlorinators, sulfonators and process pumps.
Acromet’s new Wilfley’s Model Kpro solids-handling centrifugal pump, which the company recently introduced to the Australian market, is designed for abrasive solids applications such as those found in mining applications. The exclusive design features increased product versatility, improved pump reliability and lower energy consumption.
Wilfley is famous for pioneering the Hydro Dynamic Seal, eliminating the need for gland packing and typical mechanical seal designs. The Wilfley pump offers high reliability and ease of maintenance, with an inbuilt swing crane assembly that allows the pump casing to be opened to provide direct access to the impeller and expeller without disturbing the suction and discharge pipes.
It includes a closed impeller with extra-thick shroud and vanes to maintain excellent performance characteristics, and a bearing assembly that provides an ample oil reservoir. The assembly is top filling, contains an oil sight glass to monitor proper oil level, and has a labyrinth end-cover oil seal to prevent contamination and provide long bearing life.


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