The Water Industry Operators Association of Australia (WIOA) has announced the top drop in Tasmania in  the Ixom Best Tasting Tap Water in Tasmania competition for 2020.

The Rossarden Water Treatment Plant, which is run in partnership with TRILITY, has taken out the top prize.

Rossarden was just one of 18 water treatment plants put to the test at the state heats in August.

After careful judging, tasting and consideration, Rossarden water came out on top, as the best tasting tap water in Tasmania.

TasWater Coordinator Central North, Damien Lavelle, said the water source played a big part in why Rossarden water did so well.

“The raw water is sourced from what is called Aberfoyle Creek which is running off the back of Ben Lomond,” Mr Lavelle said.

“The water is pristine, it’s crystal clear, and all we are really doing in the treatment process is polishing it.”

TasWater said it looks after more than 60 water systems state-wide and is committed to giving customers a quality product.

The Rossarden Water Treatment Plant was built by TasWater as part of the 24 glasses Regional Towns Water Supply Program and is collaboratively operated by TRILITY.

TRILITY Team Leader, Mark Collins, said, “It makes me very proud for TRILITY, the operators put in a lot of work each week at these sites, it’s a great honour really to have the best drinking water in Tasmania.”

The award also acknowledged the fact that TasWater is delivering great tasting, safe and reliable drinking water to Tasmania’s regional communities.

The national winner will be announced by WIOA in late September.

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