CS Energy’s pumped storage hydroelectric Wivenhoe Power Station near Fernvale in South East Queensland has received $13.5 million upgrade.

Key works included the replacement of the draft tube bearing, internal pump painting, replacement of the guard gate rollers at Splityard Creek Dam and replacement of the generator transformer high voltage protection system.

The major contractors for the project were MHPS Plant Services, Crown Engineering, McElligotts Painting and Berg Engineering.

The 85-day upgrade was carried out on unit one at the power station and brought more than 90 contractors to site, used more than 100 tonnes of scaffolding, 50 tonnes of garnet for sandblasting and 2,300 litres of paint.

CS Energy Chief Executive Officer, Martin Moore, said the overhaul would ensure the power station operated safely, reliably and efficiently into the future.

“Wivenhoe Power Station is a peaking power station that has provided quick start capacity to the national electricity grid since 1984,” Mr Moore said.

“The power station works like a giant rechargeable battery by cycling water between an upper and lower reservoir.

“Wivenhoe’s upper reservoir, Splityard Creek Dam, has a capacity of 23,300 megalitres, which is enough to run the power station for up to 10 hours at full load.”

More than 47,000 hours were worked on the upgrade and the unit was available to generate electricity from 20 October 2016, four days ahead of the originally scheduled completion date of 24 October 2016.

The early completion was largely the result of the unit being in better condition than expected since its last upgrade.

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