WOMA – a leading provider of water jetting, vacuum extraction and explosion protection technologies has recently introduced a stable of robust, reliable and technically advanced industrial water jetters to the market. Engineered and manufactured to exacting standards, their units are purpose-built to suit the demands of the oil & gas, mining, construction and similar heavy industrial markets.

The WOMA ‘WaterJet’ offers cold, hot and steam capabilities with the provision for venturi-fed additive. It’s ideal for quarantine applications for the effective destruction of pathogens and bacteria as often required in heavy duty industrial environments or for the cleaning and maintenance of facilities and infrastructure with oil-based residues.

Innovative and versatile

WOMA’s new modular VersaJet system is available in numerous pressure and flow variations enabling application across varied industrial environments, principally dictated by the client or as required by the task at hand.

ATEX or IECex Zone variants with optional EN 12079 or DNV 2.7.1 Certification are also available for hazardous environments. All units are AS 4233 compliant and ready for work.

As manufacturers strive for sustainable innovation and excellence, WOMA’s initiatives continue to introduce agile and efficient practices to facilitate its manufacturing strategy whilst concurrently reducing cost and risk.

WOMA understands that “time is money” and that project management principles stress the interdependence of the triangle consisting of scope, time and cost.

In light of this, WOMA is based upon a simple philosophy whereby customer solutions are realised by emerging technologies, amplified by enabled human ingenuity, ensuring that customers are in receipt of the very best in performance and reliability.

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