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Yarra Valley Water has completed works to expand sewerage systems at its Monbulk Pump Station in Victoria’s east; allowing some 900 residents to remove now-redundant septic tanks.

Connecting to the sewerage system will give residents greater flexibility for home improvement and extension options, by freeing up land previously used for wastewater treatment.

Yarra Valley Water’s Managing Director, Pat McCafferty, said, “This is an important milestone. We’re very excited to announce our Monbulk sewerage network is now complete and available to eligible property owners to connect.

“This will make a huge difference to the local environment. There are a lot of leaking septic tanks in the area that could be affecting local waterways. The new system will help to prevent sewage run-off, helping to improve Monbulk’s beautiful environment.”

Mr McCafferty said the new system will make managing sewage easier and more convenient.

“Customers now have the option to flush and let us take care of their wastewater. This is a great outcome for the community, local businesses and the environment,” he said.

“It’s a huge amount of work to design and construct a new network. We’ve opened a shop front in Monbulk where our team are available to talk to customers about how our Pressure Sewer System works and the process for connecting.”

Yarra Valley Water is now continuing construction work to extend the sewerage network in the Dandenong Ranges to the neighbouring towns of Kallista, The Patch and Sherbrooke.

Construction in Sassafras is expected to begin in 2023, while works in Olinda are currently in design.

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