Sydney Water continues works to ensure the safety of the Georges River area, after a faulty valve and heavy rainfall caused approximately 150 ML of untreated wastewater to flow from the Glenfield Wastewater Treatment Plant into Bunbury Curran Creek which flows into the Georges River.

Sydney Water states that it will undertake a full review of the incident to prevent any possible reoccurrence.

Testing results show that there are no longer signs of contamination below the Liverpool Weir. However, NSW Health recommends that people avoid primary contact activities, such as swimming, water skiing and jet ski riding in the Georges River from the Liverpool Weir to Botany Bay for up to three days after rain.

Sydney Water crews have worked since Friday 22 November to restore the capacity of the wastewater treatment plant using generators and portable pumps and have been testing the river at 10 sites upstream and downstream of the plant. Repairs were complicated, involving cranes to extract the damaged pumps which were submerged under 7 metres of water.  These pumps are now being dried, fixed and reinstalled.  We are in the process of bringing these pumps back online.

Crews have also been cleaning the riverbank in multiple locations and seven aerators have been installed in the river to maintain oxygen levels.


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