Pumping applications for irrigation water supply, recreational turf, building services or domestic supply needs can achieve improved efficiencies and usually significant electric power savings by the application of the unique Hydrovar™ variable speed pump controller by Xylem Water Systems Australia.

The Hydrovar is a pump mounted variable speed, micro-processor based system controller that has been designed by pump people for pumping applications.

Originally it was the world’s first of its type to manage motor speed and match pump performance to a wide range of water industry applications.

In independent tests compared to full speed pumps Hydrovar has provided energy cost savings of up to 70% by varying the pump performance to match water supply demands.

Now with a unique wall or panel mounting system Hydrovar utilizes the output power of the drive to operate a cooling fan therefore reducing the need for the Hydrovar to be motor mounted to operate.
This results in Hydrovar becoming a standalone drive mounted directly to a wall or enclosure.

With the introduction of a wall mounted fan kit the Hydrovar increases its capabilities for more application types and installations.

The new wall mount kits are specifically designed to provide the cooling capacity required to ensure longevity of the Hydrovar.

Hydrovar offers a unique modular design, available as a Master Drive that is fully featured for single or multiple pump applications, as a Single Drive with reduced features for a single pump only application or a Basic Drive for use on slave pumps in multi-pump applications, or soft start in single pump applications.

Hydrovar also has a unique simple clip-on design enabling it to be attached to the TEFC electric motor of most common pumps and the wall or panel mounted alternative makes it ideal for submersible pump installations.

The Hydrovar is easily integrated into existing building management systems as everything is included in the one package – micro-processor, controller, sensor, upgraded management software and a back-lit LCD control panel.

As an intelligent control system it automatically adapts the demand to the pumping system capacity.

In a variable speed controlled system the pump speed adapts to the required pressure & flow ensuring that no energy is wasted.

Each Hydrovar has an IP 55 rated housing and a number of failsafe features including low pressure shutdown.

With its clip on feature the Hydrovar unit allows very simple, fast and inexpensive retrofitting to existing pumping systems.

Con Goltsios Hydrovar Product Specialist for the Applied Water Systems Division of Xylem Water Systems Australia says that especially where there is operation at partial loads of a centrifugal pump there will be significant potential for energy savings.

“For instance in a multi pump application in say a building services or recreational turf watering system the Hydrovar will automatically shut down one or more pumps when demand falls.
“The electric power saving thus gained can obviously be significant.”

“On a multi-pump installation a benefit of having a Hydrovar system fitted is its seamless multiple redundancy feature.

“In the case of a pump or drive failure one of the other drives will automatically take over control of the system ensuring a constant water supply”.

For more information and technical specifications on Hydrovar contact the Applied Water Systems Division of Xylem Water Systems Australia on 03 9551 7333 or by email to or see

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