Murrumbidgee Irrigation (MI) has approved an extensive modernisation program in Yanco Village, NSW, with $10 million worth of projects given the green light.  

Planned works include the Yanco Stock and Domestic, and Earthen Channel Rehabilitation project’s.

A low pressure pumped pipeline and gravity piped system of channels will allow for the removal of open channels.

The projects will involve considerable land rehabilitation and beautification works where channels are removed or piped.

Benefits of the projects include a safer environment through the removal of narrow crossings, improved aesthetics, better water control and a reduction in escape water and maintenance.

Murrumbidgee Irrigation (MI) CEO, Brett Jones, said the modernisation funding provided a great opportunity to rescale operations to meet the changing needs of Yanco Village customers.

“It is also a great opportunity to give something back to the community that is the birth place of irrigation in this area,” Mr Jones said.

“At MI we are building a new future together with our customers and the community. These works will help us to do that.”

MI General Manager, Asset Delivery, Jody Rudd, said that MI has engaged with Yanco customers to determine what they wanted to do, and this consultation will continue throughout the implementation of the project.

“Some villagers told us that they no longer want the added cost of irrigation network access,” Mr Rudd said.

“Others had concerns about open channels running close to their boundaries.

“We also needed to take account of Yanco community needs.

“As a proud part of the local community, we see this as an opportunity to realign our supply network with contemporary community needs.”

Mr Jones said that MI is committed to leveraging off the benefits of modernisations projects to deliver value to all customers.

“It isn’t just Yanco customers who will be advantaged by the project.

“All customers will ultimately benefit through operating and maintenance savings, and lower future refurbishment costs.

“This will in turn help us to reduce long-term costs and keep prices down.”

This program of works is funded by the Australian Government in exchange for water savings. 

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