Angus Flexible Pipelines Australia manufactures layflat hose from high tensile synthetic yarns which are circular woven and then totally encapsulated in a tough elastomeric cover and lining. Different yarns and covers are used for different applications, but what they all have in common is exceptional strength, superior hydraulic performance, ease of storage and transport, rapid installation and retrieval, cost-effective set-up and operation, and long service life.

Wellmaster is the industry standard flexible rising main for all types of groundwater borehole extraction. Wellmaster offers major cost savings and performance advantages over conventional rigid polyethylene, PVC, glass fibre and galvanized pipe.

Wellmaster has: worldwide potable water approval, including AS4020 approval in Australia and New Zealand; high safety margins in both tensile and hydraulic performance; total corrosion, microbial and internal scaling resistance; compatibility with all types of submersible pumps; and a long operational life with a 5 year full replacement warranty. With over 100,000 installations of Wellmaster product around the world, it is the flexible rising main of choice.

Angus is an ISO9001:2008 certified company.


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