Expanding production at the Wiluna Gold Mine

Deep in the centre of Western Australia lies one of the state’s largest single site undeveloped gold projects, the Wiluna mine. Making up part of the larger Wiluna Mining Operation, the Wiluna mine holds great potential for expansion, and Wiluna Mining (formally Blackham Resources), the company responsible for the development of the mine, has big plans for the project. A major expansion of the mine including dewatering works, and the construction of a tailings storage facility and sulphide flotation plant – is currently underway.

Oil mist lubrication history and plant-wide reliability experience

Equipment reliability at a major oil refinery in Western Australia ranks very high among the prominent users of plant-wide oil mist. Worldwide, there are now an estimated 160,000 process pumps and 50,000 electric motors that are lubricated with oil mist as of 2019. Well over 3,000 plant-wide oil mist systems are presently operating in close to 100 countries around the world; these range from the wind-blown Caribbean to the dry heat of Saudi Arabia, from humid Singapore and semi-tropical Venezuela to the wintery cold of Northwestern Canada.

A digital leap: Shoalhaven Water’s SCADA upgrade

Shoalhaven Water (SW) is now concluding a three-year multi-generational leap in its remote telemetry systems. SW had identified the need to improve a number of areas within its current organisation-wide Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system including the data analytics capability to provide better intelligence for its business.

Designing a sustainable irrigation scheme to future-proof Western Australia’s south-west

To support the sustainability and expansion of WA’s south-west , the Southern Forests Irrigation Scheme (SFIS) will provide a new, innovative way to secure reliable, good quality water supply all year round by improving water storage and distribution through a new dam, pipeline and pumping infrastructure. Here, we find out more about the design of the project.

Visualising a piping system

By Ray Hardee, P. E., Engineered Software All my Pump Industry articles focus on the total system and how the equipment works together to meet the system requirements.  E-mails from readers and many of the questions asked during my Piping System Fundamentals Seminars ask for clarification of how to use this information to gain a better understanding for designing and […]

Efficient operations of pump systems (Part 3)

The PIA’s Australian Pump Technical Handbook is a cornerstone text for the Australian pump industry and, in our opinion, a must have for anyone who deals with pumps on a regular basis. In this ongoing series, we feature abridged chapters from the classic book to showcase the various areas covered and to reacquaint readers with the technical aspects of pumps. […]

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