by Ray Hardee, Chief Engineer, Engineered Software Piping systems are often called upon to deliver product or services that differ from their original design intent. The engineer is then tasked to make the required changes with minimum impact to pr ........

A low-carbon trigeneration plant is now powering, heating and cooling Sydney Town Hall and neighbouring Town Hall House, where 1,500 City of Sydney employees work. Trigeneration is a low-carbon form of energy production, producing less than half the ........

by Mark Gimson, Business Development and Marketing Manager, Singer Valve Automatic control valves, much like everything else we purchase these days, are not all created equal. Some fall into the high quality bracket with pricing to match, while other ........

Recently Pump Industry undertook its fourth annual State of the Industry survey. The survey’s results provide insights into current trends in the industry, areas for growth and opportunity, what has or hasn’t been working for companies over the ........

Keith Sanders is a stalwart of the global pump industry. Having completed his training and commenced his career in the UK, he made his way to Australia after a distinguished stint in Southeast Asia, developing the Asian markets for a number of pump ........

The process of extracting oil and gas resources, processing them, then delivering them to where they are required is dependent on an array of pumps and associated equipment. This is true regardless of whether the oil and gas in question comes from ........

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Prevent an explosion at your worksite!

How to predict when machinery requires maintenance

Damage can always be prevented if appropriate steps are taken in due time and Hydac now has a strategy that predicts when machinery will require maintenance.

This strategy creates the conditions for enabling negative changes in hydraulic and lubrication systems to be detected early on and countermeasures to be initiated in due time, saving unnecessary costs.

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