The pump industry relies on expertise from a large and varied range of specialists, from experts in particular pump types to those with an intimate understanding of pump reliability; and from researchers who delve into the particulars of pump curv ........

By Howard Penrose There has been a persistent misconception that there is a ‘magic bullet,’ in the form of a condition based monitoring (CBM) instrument, that will provide all of the information that you need to evaluate the health of your elec ........

By Joe Evans, Pump Ed 101 Recently, I saw an article that used an expressway analogy to compare positive displacement pressure sewer systems to those utilising centrifugal grinder pumps. In this article, the writer compared the centrifugal grinder to ........

As the mega CSG-­LNG projects in Queensland shift into their operational phases, Queensland Gas Company (QGC) is continuing the hunt for reserves, expanding its natural gas tenements in Queensland through Project Charlie. With Australia’s LNG in ........

Australia’s next generation of submarines will be built at the Adelaide shipyard, in a partnership between the Federal Government and French naval shipbuilding company DCNS. The Future Submarines will be powered by pump jet propulsion, providing ........

Naturally occurring groundwater in Bendigo’s historic gold mines has been rising and threatening water quality and surrounding infrastructure for many years – but there are solutions. The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DEL ........

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Prevent an explosion at your worksite!

How to predict when machinery requires maintenance

Damage can always be prevented if appropriate steps are taken in due time and Hydac now has a strategy that predicts when machinery will require maintenance.

This strategy creates the conditions for enabling negative changes in hydraulic and lubrication systems to be detected early on and countermeasures to be initiated in due time, saving unnecessary costs.

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