As the mega CSG-­LNG projects in Queensland shift into their operational phases, Queensland Gas Company (QGC) is continuing the hunt for reserves, expanding its natural gas tenements in Queensland through Project Charlie. With Australia’s LNG in ........

Over the last five years, smarter controls have greatly contributed to the overall efficiency of HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning). Energy Action’s Projects and Advisory Services Division Director, Dr Paul Bannister, shares his in ........

The PIA’s Australian Pump Technical Handbook is a cornerstone text for the Australian pump industry and, in our opinion, a must have for anyone who deals with pumps on a regular basis. In this ongoing series, we feature abridged chapters from th ........

Record levels of government funding are providing local growers along South Australia’s River Murray with the opportunity to remain at the forefront of irrigation practice, while returning much needed water to the Murray­Darling Basin (MDB) riv ........

By Bill McNally, McNally Institute Bill McNally shares his expertise on selecting the correct type of mechanical seal, installing proper environmental controls, choosing the right materials for your application, and installing seals correctly. Let ........

Farmers in Moree, NSW, are able to run their irrigation bore pumps 24/7 while reducing their diesel usage, thanks to an innovative new off­-grid solar–diesel hybrid power plant. The solar-­diesel hybrid power plant has been commissioned on a co ........

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Irrigation upgrades for Bendigo

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Harcourt water security project now complete

on October 21, 2016

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Prevent an explosion at your worksite!

How to predict when machinery requires maintenance

Damage can always be prevented if appropriate steps are taken in due time and Hydac now has a strategy that predicts when machinery will require maintenance.

This strategy creates the conditions for enabling negative changes in hydraulic and lubrication systems to be detected early on and countermeasures to be initiated in due time, saving unnecessary costs.

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