Top eight ways to improve energy efficiency in pumps

Pumping systems are energy intensive, accounting for nearly 25 per cent of the energy consumed by electric motors, and 20 […]

Flexible coupling selection for improved pump and motor efficiency and operation

Despite being an important piece of equipment connecting the pump and the motor, coupling selection is often underestimated, and proper procedure for installation and alignment of the coupling is regularly overlooked.

Magnet drive pumps

A magnetic drive pump is a type of pump driven by the force of magnetism rather than being directly coupled to a motor. Mag-drive pumps eliminate the mechanical shaft seal that conventional pumps require, and they are completely leakproof. They’re noteworthy for being one of the only types of pump that use the force of magnetism to generate movement.

Flow prediction tool for variable speed pump stations

Variable Speed Drives (VSD), also known as variable voltage variable frequency drives or pulse width modulation, are commonplace in water pump stations where they allow reliable pressure or flow regulation and substantial energy savings simultaneously. In sewage pump stations, the use of VSDs is less widespread, but through the use of daily cleaning cycles, high torque settings and reverse-run subroutines, the major obstacles to widespread acceptance are being overcome.

Successful project management (Part 4)

In previous articles in this series on successful pump project management, Keith Sanders looked at pump system design and equipment selection, and energy audits – the first and second pillars that are needed to aid the success of upcoming projects and contribute to better outcomes for other important objectives such as climate change, water resources and energy conservation. In this article, he takes an in depth look at the third and final pillar: performance testing of pumps.

Digitalisation and its influence on the pump industry

Innovations that shape the future and improve lives exist in all branches of industry, also in the progressive cavity pump market. Here, smart pumps will be soon the “game-changer” and standard within many plants. The reasons for that are manifold: tough competition, the strive to increase efficiency and reduce TCO, as well as pumps installed at remote locations require smart pumps.

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