What is the difference between a hose pump and a tube pump?

The term peristaltic pump is applied to various ranges known as hose or tube pumps. They are self-priming rotary positive displacement pumps, and consist of three major parts: hose or tubing, housing and rotor.

Mechanical seals vs gland packing: which should you choose?

While they are often forgotten, pump sealing is one of the most important aspects of pump management to ensure optimal operation and a long service life. Choosing the right sealing option for your application requires consideration of what type of pump you have, what kind of liquid you are pumping, and what environment your pumps operate in.

Designing a hydraulic system to power the tallest man-made waterfall in the Southern Hemisphere

Towering eight storeys above Green Square’s town centre in Waterloo, 4km from Sydney’s CBD, is Australia’s – and the Southern Hemisphere’s – tallest man-made waterfall. We spoke to Waterforms International, the company behind the design of the waterfall, to find out more about the design of the feature, weir type and flow rate testing and the equipment driving it.

HVAC pump selection and considerations

When selecting a pump for a HVAC application, there are a number of factors to be considered such as operating expenses, energy costs, system reliability and longevity. Here, we look at the most common types of pump used in HVAC applications, selection considerations and system selection.

Innovative off-grid purifying system improves water access to remote communities

Project Gilghi – the brainchild of international engineering, design and advisory company Aurecon and New South Wales Hunter-based electrical engineering company Ampcontrol – is a self-sufficient, sustainable water treatment plant that provides a solution to this problem, delivering affordable and continuous potable water.

Successful project management (Part 2)

Here, Keith Sanders takes a deep dive into the first of three pillars that will help upcoming projects not only be successful, but also help to contribute to better outcomes for other important objectives such as climate change, water resources and energy conservations.

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