Pump Industry Capability Guide

Pump Selection and Capability Guide. How to choose the right pump.

The Pump Industry Capability Guide is the key reference tool for all pump users. The Australian Pump Industry has evolved from the days of a small number of large manufacturers. This has been replaced with a much larger number of small to medium companies who often excel in their particular area or niche, and offer a range of very high-standard products and engineering expertise. This guide, is a useful way to connect our readers and pump end-users everywhere with the products and services they need.

Main Categories

Building Services & HVAC

Pumps are an essential component of HVAC systems, supporting the operations of cooling towers, chill

Chemicals and pharmaceuticals

Pumps play many roles within the chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries. They are frequently used


Filtration is required whenever there exists a need to separate solids from fluids by introducing a

Food & beverage

The food & beverage industry utilises pumps to transfer a variety of materials from raw ingredie


Pumps play a vital role in irrigation projects for both water intake and distribution. Most irrigati


The manufacturing industry uses pumps for a wide variety of applications dependant on the product be


Pumps play a number of vital roles in the process of mining and mineral recovery. Within the mining

Oil and Gas

In the oil & gas industry pumps are employed for an extensive range of hydrocarbon production, t


A variety of different pumps are involved in the processes undertaken to produce and treat plastics

Power generation

Different pumps are used extensively throughout the power generation industry for many applications.

Pulp & paper

Different pumps are used extensively throughout the power generation industry for many applications.

Water and Wastewater

The water and wastewater industry relies on pumps for a broad range of different water and sewage tr

Main Products


A pump’s bearings are responsible for supporting the shaft and constraining motion in order to loc


Blowers are used to move and/or impart moderate increases of pressure to volumes of air or other gas

Borehole pumps

Borehole pumps are submersible pumps used to extract water from a vertical borehole. Borehole pumps

Centrifugal pumps

Centrifugal pumps are a type of rotodynamic pump which uses a shaft-mounted impeller that rotates un

Chemicals pumps

Chemicals pumps are those used in the chemical process industries to transport chemical fluids. Ofte

Chopper pumps

A chopper pump is a type of centrifugal pump equipped with a chopping or maceration component to bre


Compressors are used to impart pressure increases to gas by reducing its volume. Thus they can be em


Pump and hydraulic consultants can help determine the pump system requirements for a given applicati


Couplings essentially connect two drive elements (usually shafts) to allow rotary motion and torque

Dewatering pumps

Dewatering pumps are pumps used to remove groundwater from a construction site, mine shaft or other

Dosing and metering equipment

Accurate dosing and metering is vital for an array of applications throughout industries ranging fro

Dry gas seals

Dry gas seals are generally non-contacting, dry-running face seals, mainly used in high speed applic


A well engineered pump and system can dramatically improve the quality of service for a pumping appl

Expansion joints

Expansion joints play an important role in extending the life of and reducing maintenance of pump pi

Fire pumps

Fire pumps are high pressure water pumps designed to boost the pressure in a building’s hydrant se


Gearboxes are vital components of pumping systems throughout practically all industries, transferrin

Gland packing

Gland packing is a braided, rope like material that is packed around the shaft - physically stuffing


Hoses are required in a variety of different pumping systems with a range of applications within var

Instrumentation control and monitoring

Sensors and other instruments play critical roles throughout pumping s

Lifting equipment

Specialized lifting equipment is vital to safely and effectively fulfil the materials handling requi

Mechanical seals

A mechanical seal is a method of containing fluid within a pump where a rotating shaft passes throug

Motors drives and engines

Motors play a vital role in pumping systems, acting as the drivers for most pump types. The most com

Peripheral pumps

Peripheral pumps are a niche pump type that sit somewhere between centrifugal and positive displacem

Positive displacement pumps

Positive displacement pumps are one of the two main pump categories. These pumps impart energy to th

Pressure pumps

Pressure pumps are those used to create and maintain fluid pressure for domestic or industrial use.

Pressure sewer systems

Pressure sewers are centralised sewer systems that consist of grinder pumps - located on individual

Reciprocating Pumps

Reciprocating pumps are positive displacement pumps which use a backward and forward movement to cre

Repair and aftermarket

Quality repair and aftermarket support is an important consideration when choosing a pump. In many c

Rotary pumps

Rotary pumps are a type of positive displacement pump where for each revolution, a fixed volume of f

Rotodynamic pumps

Rotodynamic pumps are one of the two major pump categories that most pumps fit into. A rotodynamic p


Seals are required to prevent unwanted leakage to the pump’s surroundings around the pump shaft. T

Slurry pumps

Slurry pumps are used to transport a mixture of liquid and solid particles, otherwise known as ‘sl

Solar pumps

Solar powered pumps are an economical alternative to electrical or diesel pumps, making them ideal f

Speciality pumps

Traditional reciprocating pump designs are not always optimal for every pumps application, this has

Stainless steel products

Stainless steel is one of the materials used to manufacture pumps, pipes, valves, instruments and co

Submersible pumps

Submersible pumps can be fully submersed in the fluid to be pumped due to the hermetically sealed mo

Transfer pumps

A transfer pump is used to transport fluid between locations. Bulk water transfer pumps are commonly

Vacuum pumps

Vacuum pumps work by removing air and other gases from the vacuum chamber, and are used in a wide ra


Generally, valves are used in pumping systems to restrict fluid motion to the desired direction. Val