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Assett Mechanical Engineering

Assett Mechanical Engineering

Founded in 1981, ame has emerged as a leading force in the realm of engineering, specialising as a distributor, agent, representative, and integrator of cutting-edge pumps and intricate pumping equipment. With a focus on precision and innovation, ame’s core strength lies in its mastery of application engineering – involving meticulous product selection and adept application to solve complex engineering challenges, a cornerstone of the company’s value-added approach.

Catering to an extensive clientele, ame’s expertise spans an array of sectors including mining, heavy industry, chemical processing, construction, wineries, food and beverage, breweries, laboratory, local government, water treatment, wastewater management, and generalised processing, extending its reach to collaborate with Ausaid and defense sectors.

ame takes pride in its unwavering commitment to safety and quality, underscored by its ISO 9001:2015 certification (AU736-QC-HSE), a testament to safety, precision, and certified technical prowess. Operating from comprehensive purpose built shop facilities, the company offers a diverse range of services including intricate overhauls, selections and sales, repairs, pump assembly, and specialized fabrication. Our energy neutral facilities boast cutting-edge resources, from high-capacity 12.5t overhead cranage to versatile lathes stretching up to 7m, augmented by bearing induction heaters, multi-axis mills, state-of-the-art laser alignment tools, as well as cleaning and painting booths.

At the heart of our achievements is the accumulated wisdom and extensive experience nurtured over decades, in our human resource. A vital wellspring of knowledge that positions the company as a trusted authority of sophisticated pumping solutions.

As ame forges ahead, it continues to safely drive engineering excellence, shaping industries, and transforming challenges into innovative, sustainable opportunities.


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