Echuca is set to benefit from a $17 million water and wastewater upgrade, with the package of works complete after four years of construction. 

The package of works has included a $10 million upgrade at the Echuca Water Treatment Plant to improve long term water security, capacity, storage and disinfection. 

It has also included $5 million for the Echuca West Tanks Project and $2 million for sewer odour mitigation works in the town. 

Chief Officer Assets and Operations, Danny McLean, said that the completion of this package of work ensured the sustainability of critical water and wastewater assets that would allow Echuca to continue to grow and thrive.

“These significant upgrades at the Echuca Water Treatment Plant will help us address growing demand in the region and ensure Echuca’s security of supply,” Mr McLean said.

“These upgrades kicked off in 2019 and seek to ensure we continue to meet health-based targets.”

Among the works completed at the Echuca plant is the installation of two steel water storage tanks able to hold 3.3ML of water along with new pumps, a pump station and a new ultraviolet water filtration system.

“The ultraviolet filtration helps us improve the level of disinfection at the site.”

Two raw water pumps were also installed at the Echuca plant in November 2020, each capable of pumping 300L/s, providing a greater ability to withstand an incident. New flood gates and improved access to the site were also installed.  

Across town in Echuca West, the $5 million tank project will provide additional security of supply for customers, accommodating continued growth and delivering improved water pressure.

This project was completed in June 2021 and saw the installation of two 3ML tanks. These works will help reduce strain on Echuca’s original water tower, which was built 130 years ago.

The sewer and odour mitigation works, located at Anstruther Street and Terricks Road, have fixed long-standing odour issues at both sites.

Mr McLean said that investing in infrastructure now and in the coming years would allow Coliban Water to continue to provide a standard of service customers expect and value.

“Our region is at a critical point in its water supply and demand. We continue to navigate a rapidly changing environment, whilst planning for the future. As we enter a period of growth, significant intergenerational investment is required.”

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