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Ebara Pumps’ new GSD close coupled EN733 motor pump has been selected as one of the primary water pumps for the new billion-dollar Festival Plaza upgrade in the heart of the Adelaide Arts and Culture precinct. The Ebara GSD range of ED coated pumps will be used on chlorinated water for the Festival Plazas new water feature.

The Festival Plaza Water Feature is one of the many new highlights and attractions that have been incorporated in this new development of public realm that connects Adelaide CBD and the riverbank.

The specialist contractor who supplied the pumps and water treatment equipment for the new water feature – Total Water Resources chose the Ebara GSD pump due to its quality, proven hydraulic design and competitive pricing.

The GS/GSD pumps come as standard with a high-quality electro deposition corrosion resistant coating to the ferrous static components, both internal and external making them ideally suited to treated fresh water environments.

The GS/GSD range is the Ebara Corporation (Japan) new global range of EN733 water pumps and utilising the most advanced hydraulic computer software available, Ebara Engineers in Japan have been able to improve and increase the pump efficiencies of the new GS/GSD range above most other available pumps of similar design and standard on the global market. The majority of the GS/GSD pump range are MEI>0.7 efficiency index with the balance MEI>0.6, an indication of the high-quality design and manufacture by Ebara.

The Ebara GSD range of close coupled motor pumps and the GS range of bare shaft EN733 end suction pumps are both manufactured in component form at Ebara Corporation (Japan) owned and managed factories in South East Asia.

After being assembled from these components by skilled tradesmen at the Ebara Pumps Australia facility in Melbourne, the pumps are then hydrostatically tested and inspected to our Japanese parent’s strict QA policies and procedures.

The Ebara GS/GSD range of EN733 pumps are a true 16 bar working pressure with a high grade SiC/Carbon/EPDM Burgmann mechanical seal fitted as standard. Galvanised steel baseplates that have been fully engineered by Ebara Japan engineers are also available as an optional extra for the GSD motor pumps.

Festival PlazaIn addition to the GS/GSD range of pumps Ebara Pumps has also recently introduced the GSO range of semi open impeller ISO 2858/5199 process pumps which are also available in 304,316L and Duplex stainless steel. The GSO range of pumps have been designed by Ebara Japan with a unique reverse open impeller reducing axial thrust and creating a low seal/stuffing box pressure. The pumps can be fitted with a vast range of single/double mechanical seal options and piping plans. They are also available with the option of oil lubricated bearings and ANSI drilled flanges.

About Ebara Corporation

Ebara Corporation was founded in Japan in 1912 as a manufacturer of industrial pumps. Today, as a group it consists of more than 70 companies in six continents with a workforce of more than 12,000 and with company-owned and Japanese-managed factories covering nine countries and four continents.

The huge scale of production and distribution is matched by a constant commitment to research, development and design of new products and the modern technologies for the manufacturing of them. Ebara products have gained a worldwide reputation for their technology and quality.

This Sponsored Editorial is brought to you by Ebara Pumps. For more information, visit www.ebara.com.au.

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