Central Highlands Regional Council has employed a helicopter to hoist almost 50-year-old structure and pumps from the Blackwater Water Treatment Plant site.

As a part of the raw water pipework and pump station upgrades taking place at the Blackwater Water Treatment Plant, due to the complexity of the lift, local contractor Heli-Central was engaged to fly in to replace the pumps from within the raw water dam.

Acting General Manager Infrastructure and Utilities, Jason Hoolihan, said the project will optimise many aspects of the raw water plant process.

“Our process for providing drinking water to Blackwater will be more efficient and cost effective going forward,” Mr Hoolihan said.

“The project also includes replacement of the raw water switchboard and pump station building structure.”

These upgrades will have no effect on Blackwater’s water supply.

Residents may catch a glimpse of the helicopter again over the next month as work on these upgrades continues.

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