You can install the best pumps in the world, but without good mechanical seals, those pumps won’t last long. Mechanical pump seals prevent fluid leaks, keep contaminants out, and can help save on energy costs by creating less friction on the shaft. Here, we reveal our top five secrets to selecting a good seal, to help ensure pump longevity.

1. Supply – Go local

The global mechanical seals market size is projected to reach US$4.77 billion by 2026, with the highest market growth expected in Asia-Pacific. Australian supplier, Mechanical Seal Engineering, has had to open a new location in Western Australia to support this growth, with the established business offering a large range of pump-specific, component and cartridge seals, as well as refurbishment and repair services and technical advice. Some of the world’s best seal solutions are indeed right here on your doorstep!

Avoid the current global supply chain and freight delay issues by sourcing your high-quality, cost-effective seals locally.

2. Repair/pressure testing – Start with quality

An initial pressure test, combined with stringent quality control checks, should be undertaken on every seal before you receive them, prior to pump installation. You may otherwise find yourself wasting precious time uninstalling and disassembling your pump to remove a faulty seal. Repairing pumps as soon as faults are suspected is also critical. Quick action is vital to operations, and to the associated cost.

To guarantee high quality, effective pump performance from the start, ensure your seal supplier has the proper pressure testing facilities and a proven commitment to quality control. In addition, find a trusted supplier who will support you across the whole pump seal’s lifecycle – offering much more than just the product. And check waitlists for repairs – sometimes an issue can’t afford to wait.

3. Technical support/advice – Choose authenticity

If you’re looking to optimise your operating conditions, seek authentic technical advice on material selection, stuffing box piping plans, design problems, etc. Remember – anyone can pose as an expert and ultimately rip you off! Do your research on those offering advice. Approach an established mechanical pump seal provider and ask questions to help ensure the advice they’re giving is solid, and theirs to give.

A supplier who offers up free knowledge and education is one who is comfortable in demonstrating their understanding and capabilities. Check supplier websites to see if they offer useful tutorials, blogs, case studies, and if they’re authentic in their approach.

4. Failure analysis – Get the full report

There are several possible causes of pump seal failure – improper installation, excess pressure, lack of fluids. You may be tempted to self-diagnose the cause, but to ensure best practice and minimise cost, it’s recommended you appoint an expert to analyse the issue and determine how to best rectify it.

Did you know you can request a seal failure report from your seal supplier? Such reports can help improve the productivity and long-term reliability of your seals, minimising potential breakdowns and downtime, and maximising operational efficiency. If your supplier isn’t willing to share failure reports, ask yourself what it is they may be hiding.

5. Customer service – About the people

Customer service can make or break a business. Your pump supplier should know your business as well as their own, and should genuinely want your business to succeed as much as you do.

Select a supplier who can provide a genuine end-to-end service – one who also installs, tests, manages, refurbished, repairs, converts, reports, advises, understands. A partner in pump seals. Someone you can trust to help keep your pumps operating at their best across their lifecycle.

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