Flash flood alert, Crabbes Creek.

Tweed Shire Council is working hard to ensure the Tweed is as ready as possible ahead of the third La Niña weather event that continues to impact Australia’s East Coast, with preparation including the possible installation of a flood pump station.

Although Council continues to focus on recovery works following the record flood of February and March earlier this year – which caused an estimated $100 million in damage to Council assets – the team is looking to the future to prepare for any new flooding events.

Some of the projects currently underway include:

  • Completed drainage study of Murwillumbah Leagues Club and seeking funding to support installation of flood pump station behind Dorothy/Williams Streets levee
  • Seeking funding for new Murwillumbah CBD Levee and Drainage Study Review and Pump Station Investigation

Tweed Shire Council Mayor, Chris Cherry, said it was crucial to learn from the past and do everything possible to avoid a repeat of the devastation caused by the recent flood.

“We know it is not a matter of if but when a flood hits the region again,” Mr Cherry said.

“We know every flood is different and we can’t control the weather, but we can certainly do everything possible to prepare for future flooding.

“Across all divisions of Council, we are applying our deep understanding of the Tweed to ensure our community is as prepared as possible moving forward.”

Council continues to be an active member of the Tweed’s Local Emergency Management Committee (LEMC) which comprises New South Wales Police, New South Wales SES units, New South Wales Fire and Rescue, New South Wales Ambulance and other key emergency services to ensure Council is participating in flood preparedness in the region.

The community is being kept up to date about these activities through the Tweed Emergency Dashboard. A weekly flood recovery update is published through Council’s Flood Recovery Dashboard as well as the Tweed Link publication and through its various social media channels.

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