TasWater has completed final stages of construction for the new Longford Sewage Treatment Plant, featuring technology that improves the overall carbon footprint, power use and operating costs of the facility.

The state-of-the-art plant has been treating wastewater for many months now, and in September the final stages of work commenced with the draining of Lagoon 1 for upgrades.

TasWater Project Manager, Catherine Thomas, said completing final stages was “a huge undertaking” for the utility.

“Constructed in 1975, Lagoon one has been taken offline and emptied of over four decades of sludge,” Ms Thomas said.

“Within the lagoon, thirteen aerators have been removed, associated equipment dismantled, and the wave wall removed.

“There were earlier concerns about potential odour issues for the local community, but no noticeable odour eventuated, which is a great outcome.

“Following removal of the lagoon contents in early September, the lagoon is being regraded, and an earth wall constructed to divide the lagoon into two. A new liner will be installed as well as associated pipework and pumps, and the lagoon will be used for emergency storage and daily flow-balancing of treated effluent.

“Associated site finishing works have continued onsite since the new STP opened and it is anticipated all works at Longford will be completed as scheduled before the end of the year.

“The upgrade works at Longford STP fall under the Northern Midlands Sewerage Improvement Plan. The works are being delivered by our Capital Delivery Office as part of TasWater’s $1 billion capital works program across Tasmania over the next four years.”

According to TasWater, the Longford STP Upgrade will result in better environmental outcomes by improving the quality of effluent discharged from the plant.

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