The completion of a $4.5 million upgrade to South West Queensland’s Leslie Dam will see an increase in the amount of water that can be pumped from the dam.

The update is part of the Queensland Government’s $19 million Southern Downs Drought Resilience program.

Queensland Water Minister, Glenn Butcher, said the upgrade work includes replacement of three 55-year-old pumps, pipework and the electrical switchboard.

“The new pumps are more powerful and energy efficient and will significantly improve the community’s drought resilience,” he said.

“The new switchboard is based on the latest technology complying with all the current relevant regulations and standards.”

The Queensland Government allocated $4.54 million to increase Leslie Dam’s usable water capacity, and by upgrading its water treatment systems and pumps has increased capacity by 1700ML (or about 680 Olympic swimming pools).

Warwick has no contingency supply and carting to a town the size of Warwick is not feasible.

Southern Downs Regional Council Mayor, Vic Pennisi, said the improvements would ensure the pump station would be fit for purpose for decades to come.

“As our community grows, the increased capability and efficiency of our pump station will be very beneficial.

“Water is the lifeblood of every community and more efficient management of this precious resource means more opportunities to thrive.”

These upgrades are part of a broader drought resilience program being delivered in partnership with Seqwater, Sunwater and Southern Downs Regional Council, and in consultation with Toowoomba Regional Council.

This broader drought resilience package also includes careful consideration of the water security needs of Toowoomba and its southern satellite towns of Cambooya, Greenmount, Nobby, and Clifton.

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