Wyong Water will use new technology in a $4.2million upgrade to a major wastewater pumping station in Wyong (NSW).

The upgrade to the station in Apex Park includes the construction of an eight metre deep, seven metre diameter wet well, which will collect wastewater before it’s transferred to a treatment plant.

Unlike traditional methods of construction, the wet well is being built using pre-cast concrete segments that are placed in the well as it is excavated.

The project forms part of a $25.3million investment in water infrastructure across the Wyong Shire this financial year.

The upgrade will be undertaken by Gongues Constructions on behalf of Wyong Water.

Wyong Water Director, Greg McDonald said cutting edge technology was being used to construct the well in order to improve safety and reduce construction time.

“Each layer of the well is excavated and lined with the wall segments before the next level is removed and the process repeated.

“This process is much quicker than the traditional method of digging out the entire well, pouring concrete walls and waiting for them to cure before work can progress.

“It’s also much safer for our staff and contractors – the risk of a cave-in with traditional construction methods is an ever present danger.”

Built in the mid-1960s, the wastewater station was last upgraded in the 1980s.  

The station services residents in the suburbs of Wyong, Watanobbi, Wadalba, Wyongah and Tacoma.

Wyong Mayor, Doug Eaton OAM, said the upgrade would support the growing population and improve the amenity of the Wyong CBD and surrounding suburbs for years to come.

“This station services a large population and is quickly approaching capacity,” Mayor Eaton said.

“We are committed to investing in essential services and these works will allow the station to continue servicing the community until 2040, without the need for further upgrades.

“In addition, residents will notice a marked improvement in the air quality with a new odour control system being installed.”

The upgrade is scheduled for completion in December 2016.

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