The Townsville City Council is contracting local business CivilPlus Constructions to replace two 120kg pumps that supply raw water to the Giru Water Treatment Plant, ensuring steady water supply for the coastal regions of Cungulla and Giru. 

Townsville Council Water and Waste committee chairperson, Russ Cook, said the pump renewal project was about ensuring Cungulla, in the Townsville local government area, and Giru, in the Burdekin Shire, had a reliable water source for decades to come.

“Townsville City Council is committed to ensuring our community has a safe and reliable water supply now and into the future, and this $500,000 investment is about delivering on that commitment for our communities like Cungulla and Giru,” Mr Cook said.

“This project is part of the Council’s $177 million investment in water infrastructure and services this financial year.

“Besides the installation of the new pumps, the works will involve installing new structural steel beams, which will be lifted into place by helicopter, as well as some electrical works on the bridge to accommodate for the two 120kg pumps.

“While the pumps are being replaced, potable water will be trucked to the Giru Water Treatment Plant and the Cungulla Reservoir to minimise the impact to residents.”

Burdekin Shire Council Mayor, Lyn McLaughlin, said the pump renewal would provide peace of mind for Giru and Cungulla residents.

“I want to thank Townsville City Council for recognising the importance of water infrastructure upgrades across their network, and thank Giru and Cungulla residents for their patience as pump renewals are completed,” Ms McLaughlin said.

Residents in both communities are being asked to temporarily limit their water consumption while the new pumps and supporting infrastructure are installed.

The Council thanks the community for their understanding and cooperation.

Works are expected to be finalised by the end of October 2021, weather permitting.

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