Cradle Mountain Water’s upgrade of the Helen Street Pump Station in Ulverstone in Northern Tasmania is progressing well.


Works commenced in July 2012 on the $1.45 million upgrade that will result in improved pump station reliability, reduction in odours and improved safety standards.


This pump station is a critical link in the Ulverstone sewerage network as all treated effluent from the treatment plant as well as effluent from Simplot is pumped from this pump station to the ocean outfall.


Stage one of the upgrade is largely complete and included the replacement of pumps, pipes and valves in the pump station. The cooperation and patience of neighbours were appreciated as some of this work had to be done at night when flows were low.


Over the coming months, stage two of the work will be completed and that includes the refurbishment of the pump station building and the installation of a standby generator and odour control system. The odour control will also serve the adjacent sewage pump station.

This phase of the project will be completed early in 2013.


“This upgrade is another example of where our customer’s fixed charges are being invested in the region, to improve services and to ensure compliance with environmental guidelines.”

CEO Andrew Kneebone confirmed.


“We look forward to the completion of the project where the commissioning of the odour control system  will provide relief to the residents from odour problems that they have been experiencing from time to time”, said Andrew.

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