The next stage of the Macquarie Point Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) relocation is underway, with TasWater releasing the tenders to design the infrastructure upgrades. 

Senior Project Manager, Matthew Carey, said the relocation project is a complex engineering challenge. 

“The long‐term plan is to re‐route the existing and future sewage from the Macquarie Point catchment to an upgraded sewage treatment plant at Selfs Point,” Mr Carey said. 

“This stage of the project includes the design upgrade of the existing Selfs Point STP to ensure it can receive and treat sewage from the Macquarie Point catchment.”

A request for tender has also gone out for an Environmental Impact Study at the upgraded Selfs Point site. 

“In addition, preliminary work is underway to finalise the location and design of the new pump station and emergency overflow storage at Macquarie Point that will transfer sewage to the upgraded Selfs Point site,” Mr Carey said.

The Macquarie Point STP is pivotal to the Hobart sewerage system, treating an average of ten megalitres of domestic and industrial waste every day from central Hobart, suburbs to the west of the city, Battery Point, South Hobart, North Hobart and Glebe.

Mr Carey said briefings with consultants for this design work had already been held and tenders were expected to be awarded in the next couple of months. 

“We are working closely with the Macquarie Point Development Corporation, the State Government and the Environmental Protection Authority on these design plans,” Mr Carey said.

Operating under an interim funding agreement, ahead of signing the full deed, has allowed TasWater to progress planning work on this project.

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