The Western Australian Government has announced that a pivot irrigation development will be supported by a 420-hectare land transfer to the Yawuru people.

The land will be used for fodder production for the Roebuck Export Depot and Kimberley fodder market.

It will be transferred to Nyamba Buru Yawuru Limited (NBY) in conditional freehold. The pivot irrigation development will create local jobs and supply fodder to support the Kimberley pastoral industry.

The land transfer is subject to the successful negotiation of an Indigenous Land Use Agreement and will support the diversification of NBY’s agriculture operations to generate new and sustainable income for the Yawuru community.

The conditional freehold tenure will give Yawuru long-term secure ownership, along with their Native Title rights, over the land area in a boost to attract more investment into NYB’s business proposals while also improving the economic viability of ongoing livestock production activities.

Western Australian Lands Minister, John Carey, said, “I want to acknowledge NBY for developing new business ventures that benefit their communities, sustain their cultural heritage and provide more opportunities and better outcomes for traditional landowners.

“The Cook Government is committed to working with Traditional Owners to ‘close the gap’ by supporting social, cultural and economic opportunities for communities and Aboriginal businesses.”

Kimberley MLA, Divina D’Anna, said, “This is a great outcome for the Yawuru community and demonstrates the Cook Government’s commitment to supporting new opportunities for Aboriginal communities in the Kimberley.”

Ms D’Anna said that subject to the successful negotiation of an Indigenous Land Use Agreement, the land transfer will provide NBY new commercial and business opportunities to benefit their local community.

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