Advanced water products distributor Melbourne based Water Equipment Plus has been appointed as the Australasian distributor of the Aqualine range of high flow rate filtration systems that offer a high flow rate solution with quick changes to the cartridge filters to deliver an affordable first off cost for advanced water filtration systems including industrial and commercial osmosis type water or sea water filtration and treatment systems.

Developed internationally by Pentair Water the Aqualine range offers corrosion resistant FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic) cylindrical pressure vessels that are compliant to the relevant international quality standards (including ASME Sec. X).

For sea water installations a super duplex system is also available for a longer installed life.

The filtration medium the Aqualine cartridges are manufactured from polypropylene with a PVC core.

They are absolute rated achieving 99.98% efficiency at the stated micron size.

A unique feature is the tool-less closure system which unlike other multi-round filtration vessels does not require special tools or fasteners to load or unload the cartridge filtration element.

The modular system also allows on-line changeovers as an individual filter vessels can be isolated, drained and the cartridge change made whilst the other vessels remain in operation.

Key benefits include a cheaper installed cost as the FRP vessels are up to 50% cheaper than steel vessels.

And the increased surface area of the cylindrical cartridges also reduces the number of units required for a given capacity filtration system.

The Pentair Aqualine system also requires much less space to install than an equivalent capacity multi round or container based system as the capacity can be increased by stacking the filters vertically to use up less floor space.

For further information contact: Water Equipment Plus on 03 9336 6900 or see for technical support.

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