We need to look at more efficient ways of heating homes ­ heat pumps are one option.
Victorians have had a love affair with gas ducted heating systems every winter for many decades. But researchers from the Melbourne Energy Institute have found that heat pump technology could displace gas heating as the tool of choice for resident ........

Floating the 950m section of pipe into place across the River Derwent.
Stage 3 of the South East Irrigation Scheme in Sorell, Tasmania, has recently commenced operation, and is set to increase much needed water capacity for agricultural land by 6,000ML. Pump Industry spoke with Paul Ellery, Senior Project Manager at ........

Laurence Dinham, Machinery Group Lead at ExxonMobil, leads a group of machinery engineers onsite at the Mobil Altona refinery. The Altona refinery is amongst the safest and most reliable refineries, not just in Australia, but in ExxonMobil’s por ........

Previously unconnected parts of regional Victoria are being connected to Victoria’s water grid to provide water security to rural communities for the first time ever. Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews joined Minister for Environment, Climate Change ........

Figure 4. Linear output, spring diaphragm pneumatic actuator on a sliding stem valve. Image courtesy of Richards Industries.
A valve, in its most basic form, consists of a body and an internal moving component (closure element), which shuts off or restricts flow through the valve. To automate that valve, an actuator is added. The best way to understand valve actuation, how ........

After Auto Flush the surface remains liquid and free of solid crust four weeks after implementation.
It is often the simplest ideas which create the best outcomes – and so it was with Sydney Water’s Andrzej Krawiec and Martin Byrnes’ simple modification of sewage pump operating protocols, which is now saving Sydney Water around $6million in op ........

Prevent an explosion at your worksite!

Prevent an explosion at your worksite!

Electrostatic discharges destroy filter elements, damage valves and sensors and can even cause explosions in the hydraulic tank. Valve pistons will stick, shafts become jammed in their bearings and the changing interval for filter elements will be unusually short if there are excessive amounts of ageing products in the operating medium.

How to prevent this? In this White Paper you will find out how to ensure your system operates without the risk of electrostatic discharge.

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