Hydrogen Energy Storage

The Western Australian Government is investing $225,000 in a study to develop a business case to advance hydrogen electrolyser manufacturing within the state.

The Western Australian Government is partnering with ITM Power and Linde Engineering to fund the $450,000 study.

In June 2022, the Western Australian Government invited ITM Power in partnership with Linde Engineering in Australia to develop a business case for local electrolyser assembly and manufacture.

The business case aims to identify the site, costs, and local demand needed to get upstream manufacturing underway.

Electrolyser manufacturing is a key initiative in implementing the Western Australian Renewable Hydrogen Strategy.

Under the Climate Action Fund, $500,000 has been allocated to support industry proponents in undertaking feasibility studies regarding the potential size, scale and market for electrolyser manufacturing, assembly, and maintenance opportunities.

These studies will allow the state to better position itself in the supply chain for renewable hydrogen, by providing clearly defined opportunities around potential manufacturing capabilities.

Western Australian Hydrogen Industry Minister, Alannah MacTiernan, said developing the state’s advanced manufacturing capability to produce critical components for renewable hydrogen production will increase the resilience of future hydrogen supply chains.

“Funding this feasibility study is the first step toward manufacturing components for renewable hydrogen within the state. We want to be part of the full technology story in hydrogen,” Ms MacTiernan said.

“We look forward to working closely with the partnership of ITM Power and Linde Engineering in Australia to help Western Australia lead the nation in renewable hydrogen component manufacturing.

“Other industry players involved have been advised that they would also be welcome to seek partnerships with us in the future. We are keen to work with any company that wishes to invest in manufacturing in Western Australia.”

Electrolysers are a core component of producing renewable hydrogen through electrolysis, a chemical process which separates water into hydrogen and oxygen molecules using electricity.

Global forecasts project the demand for electrolysers capacity will increase from 0.3GW today, to around 850GW by 2030, and almost 3,600GW by 2050.

Western Australians could have up to 100GW of renewable hydrogen generation capacity in the state by 2030.

As the expansion of hydrogen production continues, the demand for critical equipment such as electrolysers will increase, which presents a new opportunity for local advanced manufacturing industries.

To read more about Western Australian Renewable Hydrogen Strategy, visit here.

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