Awoonga Dam

Gladstone Area Water Board (GAWB) has unveiled its new Offline Storage Facility which, along with a standby pump system, will ensure uninterrupted water supply for the region.

GAWB Chief Executive Officer, Darren Barlow, said the new facility will ensure the longevity of Awoonga Dam.

“The Offline Storage Facility is a significant investment towards advancing water reliability for our customers and the broader Gladstone region.

“The facility allows us to safely undertake critical inspection and maintenance works without impacting our ability to provide continuous water supply.

“Together with the standby pump system, the 1,100 ML storage facility is maintained at nearly full capacity ready for use, which is approximately two weeks water supply to the region,” Mr Barlow said.

The facility operates the same way a dam does, using the surrounding hills and dam wall to hold water; the difference being that this facility is designed to hold water, not collect water from a catchment.

Mr Barlow said the opening of the new facility is a significant milestone in GAWB’s long-term capital works program.

“Much of the mechanical equipment at Lake Awoonga is over 25 years old and will require longer periods of time offline for inspection and maintenance in the coming years.”

Member for Gladstone, Glenn Butcher, said, “As the operator of Gladstone’s sole water source, Awoonga Dam, GAWB provides an essential service that promotes the economic development and enhances the lifestyle of regional Queensland.

“This vital investment continues the ongoing development of an upgraded water network that will improve security of water supply to the Gladstone region and reinforce its appeal as a location for major industry development.” 

GAWB will spend more than $170 million dollars on critical infrastructure upgrades and capital projects at Awoonga Dam over the next four years.

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