willawarrin water treatment plant location

Kempsey Shire Council has completed the designs and technical specifications for a new water treatment plant at Willawarrin, and is preparing to put the project out for tender.

The plant will provide residents with safe, clean and reliable drinking water.

The plant will be located on the southern end of the Willawarrin sports field and is expected to be completed in 2024. The total cost of the project is $4 million, with Council contributing the bulk of the funds supported by a grant from the New South Wales Government’s Safe and Secure Water Program.

Kempsey Shire Council Group Manager Water and Sewer, Wes Trotter, said he is excited to see this project move from the planning phase to construction.

“This plant will deliver water quality, water pressure and water security for Willawarrin,” Mr Trotter said.

“The existing system is unable to provide water of a high enough quality during drought, flood or fire events, and major weather events between 2017 and 2022 have impacted Willawarrin’s water supply. In each case, Council was forced to transport drinkable water to Willawarrin via truck. Using trucks to provide water for Willawarrin is not sustainable.”

Council has met with the community twice regarding the proposed project and specifically the location of the Water Treatment Plant since 2018. Since the last community meeting, held in June 2020, Council and government regulators have confirmed the best approach and location to rectify the poor quality of tap water in Willawarrin.

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