With Queensland experiencing drought conditions, the quantity and quality of available feed has become scarce, requiring graziers to supplement feed with additional nutrients. Wilmar AgServices produces a natural protein supplement that can be used for this purpose. When the company decided to produce a new phosphorus-enriched product range, it approached Polymaster to provide a precise dosing and storage solution.

Wilmar AgServices (part of the Wilmar Group) operates a liquid fertiliser and stockfeed business based near its bioethanol plant in Sarina, Queensland.

The company is known in the sugar cane, horticulture and agribusiness industries as an award-winning and innovative producer of efficient and environmentally-friendly nutrient solutions.

This is especially crucial as a number of its customers are within sensitive Great Barrier Reef Catchment areas.


Enriching stockfeed with phosphorus

Wilmar AgServices produces a natural protein supplement for cattle, using co-product from its bioethanol fermentation process.

This fermented product is called Suplaflo 10NP, a flowable supplement containing natural protein, with inherent nutritional value and a capability to carry other important nutrients. Wilmar’s Suplaflo 10NP is used in a range of liquid supplements for cattle.

Wilmar AgServices needed to be able to add a precise dosage of phosphorus at its Oonooie plant to deliver a whole new product range enriched with phosphorus.

As phosphorus requires precise dosing and at relatively small amounts needed per tonne, an accurate metering and chemical storage system was necessary.

Wilmar AgServices approached Polymaster to provide a solution to store the phosphoric acid (30kL), as well as for dosing in the Suplaflo 10NP production line at its facility.

The physical footprint on-site was a major consideration when proposing a solution.

Image 1

Developing a fit-for-purpose solution

After consultation, the Polymaster engineers were able to guide Wilmar AgServices to a 30kL rectangular forecourt-style unit (Image 1), instead of a round tank.

The forecourt-style unit ticked the functional box as it could fit into the designated area comfortably and at the same time provide protection from the elements for the equipment contained within its built-in control room.

The final design was constructed on a Duragal hot-dipped galvanised base frame, with a CAT 2 wind loading (Region C) frame which was wrapped in 100mm insulated wall and roof panelling. This unit was built to withstand wind gusts up to 50m/s (cyclonic).

The unit perfectly housed three 10kL interlinked doubled-walled tanks. Within the control room, two 3-phase diaphragm pumps (filling and dosing), and a Polymaster power control panel with variable speed drives, tank level monitors, instrumentation and programmed safety switches were installed.

Additionally, Wilmar AgServices required roof access and a full safety handrail system with ladder – all constructed to meet AS1657-2018.

Logistics were top-of-mind from the onset as this project required road transport of 2,019km to Sarina without the need for pilot vehicles – a freight saving.

The result was a truly fit-for-purpose, easily maintainable unit with safe access points to the inner tanks, which incorporated appropriate ventilation within all confined spaces.

As with most Polymaster products, the unit has been designed to be a ‘plug and play’ solution to minimise on-site installation costs.

This partner content is brought to you by Polymaster. For more information, visit www.polymaster.com.au.

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