Tamworth council is building a 28 kilometre pipeline with pumping station from Split Rock Dam to Barraba to ensure local residents have access to a quality water supply. Under the proposed scheme, water from the Split Rock Dam will be conveyed to the Barraba water treatment plant for treatment and distribution to the Barraba community.

The main infrastructure of the proposed system includes:

  • A pumping station near the Split Rock Dam;
  • A 28 km long pipeline between the Split Rock Dam and the Barraba Water Treatment Plant;
  • A 1.5 ML capacity Break Pressure Tank (BPT) at Red Hill;
  • Various upgrades to the Barraba Water Treatment Plant (WTP) including;
    • A new potassium permanganate dosing system for iron and manganese control;
    • A new powdered activated carbon  dosing system for taste and odour control;
    • Flow pacing of all chemical dosing systems;
    • Upgrading of the existing control system including new PLC, HMI and SCADA systems;
    • Provision of remote control monitoring system;
    • A 200 kL balance tank and mixer;
  • All associated electrical works such as electrical and telemetry including high voltage power supply to the Split Rock Dam pumping station.

The contract for the construction of the works has been awarded to Leed Engineering and Construction P/L. Work on site will commence shortly after Easter, 2013.

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