Stores in Nelligen.

Eurobodalla Shire Council has awarded Leed Engineering and Construction the contract for the construction of new pump stations and pipelines as part of the Nelligen Water Supply and Sewerage Scheme. 

The $25 million Water Supply and Sewerage Scheme will link the Nelligen village to existing water supply and sewerage systems in Batemans Bay.

The council’s water and sewer engineer, Billy Alves, said the project has been a long time coming and will benefit residents, visitors and the environment.

“The project will reduce the environmental impacts of existing on-site sewage management systems as well as improving the quality and reliability of drinking water for the Nelligen community,” Mr Alves said.

Mr Alves said work has been progressing well and the Nelligen community should have access to the drinking water supply and sewerage services by late 2024.

Leed Engineering and Construction is currently constructing two large concrete water reservoirs and were recently awarded the contract to build pump stations and pipelines required for the scheme.

“Over the next 12 months, water and sewer pipelines will be installed along the Kings Highway from Nelligen to Batemans Bay, and temporary speed reductions will be in place in some areas,” Mr Alves said.

The final phase of the project will involve contractors installing water and sewer mains throughout the Nelligen village, water and sewer connection points on 160 properties and a pressure sewer system on each developed property.

“The pressure sewer systems will replace existing on-site sewage management systems such as septic tanks, aerated wastewater treatment systems and pump-out systems,” Mr Alves said.

“A lot of properties don’t have suitable space or soil for on-site sewage disposal systems – which can be harmful to the environment. The pressure sewer systems will make a positive difference.”

With the new reservoirs and pipelines connecting the Nelligen village to Eurobodalla’s water supply, Mr Alves said the community will have peace of mind knowing they have access to quality water and more of it.

“The Nelligen community currently relies on tank water, with many properties not being able to collect and store sufficient rainwater during dry periods,” Mr Alves said.

“The new infrastructure has been designed to ensure there’s also enough water for firefighting purposes, even during times of peak holiday demand.

“As we reach project milestones, we will keep the Nelligen community updated with regular letters on what to expect or whether there will be any disruptions.”

The New South Wales Government has provided $3.5 million through the Safe and Secure Water Program, with Eurobodalla Council funding the remaining required funds.

The New South Wales Government’s Safe and Secure Water Program has also contributed over $25 million towards the Southern Water Supply Storage project and $762,000 towards the Akolele Sewerage Scheme, being delivered in partnership with the council.

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