South East Water has completed construction of its 2.75km, $3.9 million Harkaway Pressure Sewer Scheme project, connecting 100 Harkaway residents to the new system which aims to eliminate groundwater, waterway and environment pollution from ageing septic tanks. 

Eligible properties include lots of land under 0.4ha within the designated backlog area that are currently on septic tank systems.

If septic tanks are not working properly or well-maintained, dangerous bacteria and chemicals can seep into the groundwater – and then into waterways, bays and beaches. 

South East Water worked in partnership with the City of Casey, under their Domestic Wastewater Management Plan, to identify Harkaway as an area where failing septic tanks are polluting the groundwater and the environment. 

Residents who participate in the scheme are connected to a smart pressure sewer system that’s managed by South East Water. This means there’s limited maintenance involved with the sewer system for the customer, and a healthier environment is maintained for the community.

Member for South Eastern Metropolitan Region, Lee Tarlamis, said that clean waterways, bays and beaches are essential for public health and wellbeing, and the Harkaway Pressure Sewer Scheme is helping eliminate septic pollution.

“This project will provide tangible benefits to Harkaway residents, who will no longer have to rely on and maintain ageing septic tanks,” Mr Tarlamis said. 

South East Water Acting General Manager Liveable Water Solutions, Matthew Snell, said, “When eligible Harkaway residents connect, they’re not only getting a healthier system but one that’s safer too” 

Featured image: L-R; Acting General Manager Liveable Water Solutions, South East Water, Matthew Snell; Mr Bech; Member for South Eastern Metropolitan Region, Lee Tarlamis; and Mrs Bech. The Bechs are longtime Harkaway residents who have recently connected to the scheme. Image credit: South East Water.

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