A world-wide first from the Ruhr valley is celebrating its world premiere. One of Europe’s largest water suppliers has now placed an order with SEEPEX from Bottrop for its patented progressive cavity pump SCT AutoAdjust, as well as its digital solutions in a pilot project that will set new standards for the water industry.

The metro area’s wastewater network is just a click away from the future. This is being made possible by the world’s most intelligent progressive cavity pump technology – made in Germany. 

One of Europe’s largest water suppliers has now placed an order with SEEPEX from Bottrop to use its patented progressive cavity pump SCT AutoAdjust as well as its digital solutions in a pilot project that will set new standards for the water industry. 

The German company is the world’s market leader in progressive cavity pumps and digital solutions, its innovative products are used all over the world. 

The site of the new SEEPEX project is a large wastewater treatment plant. The huge plant will operate in future according to the latest standards. SEEPEX pumps will soon be keeping things flowing here round the clock – and thanks to high technology, they will keep themselves in top shape. 

The future is called SCT AutoAdjust 

In the smart future of sewage sludge pumping, many things will become easier, and that is what the innovative SCT AutoAdjust technology stands for. It was first presented to the public in 2020 and has since been patented.

It is the first progressive cavity pump whose stator clamping can be adjusted automatically. A hydraulic adjustment unit makes it possible to restore the optimum operating point precisely and reproducibly during operation. 

The clamping between the most important conveying elements, rotor and stator, can be easily adjusted to the conditions in the process or the degree of wear. 

No more need to use wrenches or other hand tools; one click from the control room, locally on-site via the SEEPEX Pump Monitor or via Bluetooth using an app  – and the stator clamping is already adjusted so that the pump always performs at its best. 

Keeping well adjusted 

It’s all a matter of adjustment  – only a perfectly adjusted progressive cavity pump will deliver the best results. 

SEEPEX has been optimising its Smart Conveying Technology (SCT) since 2008. It is constructed according to a proven design principle: the Smart Stator is made up of two halves, so maintenance can be carried out very easily, because the suction or discharge lines no longer need to be dismounted. 

By means of an integrated retightening device, the clamping between the rotor and stator can be adjusted for optimum conveying if the flow rate is reduced, for example due to wear. 

This significantly extends the service life of the rotor and stator, reduces the need for spare parts and lowers the life cycle costs of SEEPEX pumps. 

Remote maintenance with pump monitor and cloud services 

With the latest generation, the innovative SCT AutoAdjust, unnecessary maintenance trips are now also eliminated. The Pump Monitor from SEEPEX helps to detect wear at an early stage and prevent process failures before they occur by continuously providing the relevant operating data. 

SCT AutoAdjust technology, combined with digital solutions such as monitoring and cloud services, enables remote maintenance to maximise pump efficiency and process optimisation, and Advanced Analytics to perform predictive and scheduled maintenance. 

The technology increases pump efficiency and service life, and makes it possible to respond quickly to changing process conditions by automating stator clamping adjustments. 

This results in longer rotor and stator life, lower energy and resource consumption, increased operational reliability and process efficiency, and significant cost savings in terms of personnel, workflow and maintenance. 

A successful cooperation 

SEEPEX is a valued partner among its clients and has long supported them with technological solutions for supply of drinking water and wastewater management. This benefits the inhabitants of the metro area. 

In the recent past, the specialist from North Rhine-Westphalia successfully implemented a project to improve the sludge dewatering process in a wastewater treatment plant using digital solutions and its easy-to-maintain hopper pump technology. 

Now, for the new order, the aim is to exploit the high potential for synergy with another plant in the region. Together with all key stakeholders, the SEEPEX team first conducted a comprehensive technical review to analyse the challenges and objectives of the dewatering process.

From this, a comprehensive technical proposal was developed, which includes innovative pump technology in combination with digital solutions. 

“SCT AutoAdjust is a further and consistent step from the analogue product world to the digital pump world with a technical concept which is unique in the world,” said Dr Fabian Pöhl, Product Manager at SEEPEX. 

Part of an intelligent network 

With SEEPEX’s digital solutions, the single progressive cavity pump becomes part of a network of intelligent products, services and processes whose status and performance can be monitored in real time, anytime and anywhere. 

SEEPEX tailors its digital solutions and services to customers’ requirements in such a way that they can use the data obtained to optimise pump operation and conveying processes, minimise unpredictable downtimes and process failures, simplify logistics processes, and plan and perform necessary maintenance work more efficiently.

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